Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over Him

From the moment I started this blog, I've said I was over him. I told every friend in every conversation. I told the curly-haired playwright I dated the first summer. I told my mother and my son and my daughters. But "over" is a relative concept.
I'm over him now. Really.
The only thing worse than being married to him, I realize, is this long drawn out process of divorcing him. The emails back and forth with the attorney (oh-so-nice-and-kind, but still...) The not-overness of the logistics of DIVIDING. CELLS DIVIDE--I MEAN REALLY, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?
But I am over him. The him-ness of him.
I will nevereveragain wait for the sound of his garage door opening. Never cringe at the footsteps on the back stairs as he slinks up to his study and chooses computer solitaire without hello, without how was your day?
Red Rover, Red Rover, send me back over. Over.


Elizabeth said...

I'm thinking: Redrum, Redrum. Remember that?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is dead on with her idea.

Ex-in-the-City said...


staceyjwarner said...

the "over" is peeling layers of an onion...

that is for sure.

much love