Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pleasure Palace and Pet Infirmary, Part II

I dropped the dogs off for a teeth cleaning today. Then things got complicated.
Thorough teeth-cleaning for dogs is done under general anesthesia, and tests are done to determine whether or not this is a good idea. Lola couldn't be put under because the vet discovered a heart problem. Lola's completely asymptomatic.  Full of energy. Full of mischief and spunk. The vet says don't worry. Take my vacation & think about a doggy cardiologist when I get back from Greece.
Layla has a Hollywood smile now--minus an upper canine. She had to have a tooth pulled. Now in addition to her thyroid meds, she needs other drugs to recover from the tooth pulling--an anti-inflammatory, and an antibiotic--and she has to be on soft food for a few weeks. And my pet sitter will have to take her for a follow-up visit. Go down Fair Oaks. South--opposite from how you'd go to Sierra Madre--away from the mountains. Turn Right on Huntington. Prepare to turn right almost immediately into TLC Pet Medical Center. It's probably less than a mile from here. When you make the appointment, you want to ask for Dr. Wallace.
Meanwhile the man who loves me isn't feeling well either. I think I'll sleep on the sofa tonight and put up a gate so the dogs have to stay on the first floor. Layla is woozy from the general anesthesia, and with her untrustworthy back legs, it's better if she doesn't climb stairs.
I've put the pink velvet dog bed in the living room, and Layla is sound asleep. Maybe it will be a peaceful night.

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