Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll Teach You Greek All Night Long

Restaurant owners stand in the street to lure you into dinner in Athens. As you walk by, they guess your nationality and say, Bonsoir, or Good Evening or whatever. I like to answer back, Kalispera. They sometimes assume I speak Greek then, which I don't. So things usually get funny and complicated  as they press their business card into my hand. I told the guy giving my friend Meredith and me the hard sell tonight I was sorry but I couldn't understand what he was saying. "I don't speak Greek," I said.
"I teach you Greek all night long," he said, out and out flirting with me." And if you have dinner at our restaurant tonight--free wine!" Then he presented me to his father, and his father lifted my hand and kissed it. One helluva economic recovery program. But Meredith and I demurred and said we needed to walk--which we did.
Then we went back. The father himself waited on us. He brought us not just two glasses of wine, but an entire pitcher. Come to Greece everyone! The wine is freeeeeee! After our Greek salad, and briam (vegetable stew), and tsatziki we had no room for dessert. But the father brought us a plate of fruit anyway. Come to Greece! The fruit is freeeeeeee!
I'm having fun already. The day has been nicely padded with flirtatious men--really this could be the key to turning the economy around.
I have another theory about the flirting--it's intensified since I've gone gray, and I think it makes me seem safe. Go ahead and flatter the nice grandma. She wouldn't actually take you up on it. The man I love laughed when I told him this theory. I'm hot, he says. Which makes me laugh.  I'm old.  Maybe that restaurant owner tonight was looking for a girlfriend for his father.


Elizabeth said...

You're silly and hot.

Shanna said...

Oh, dude, are you kidding me? You are so hot. BTW, you looked so sassy at the Larder--sexy, adorable. I told you that, right? Seriously. Also, I'm having serious travel envy. I loooove Greece. Raise a glass for me.

Paula said...

Ohhh I am almost in tears wanting to be there! Your words take me there on that street with you and Meredith and my mouth waters with the thoughts of Tzatziki! Waaaaah! You know all those men want you; your confidence and gray hair makes you that much more interesting! Give Meredith and Thordis a big hug for me; I am with you all in spirit. Paula