Friday, June 11, 2010

How Big Is It?

As the saga of the Division of Joint Assets continues, I have received the largest attorney bill yet. A full three and one-half pages of single-spaced itemized charges. 
Here is what I might have done with this money:
Bought 6 plane tickets for my son and his family and me to vacation in Iowa this summer with my family. If ticket prices remain stable, we could take this trip for the next five summers.
Purchased 2, 568 bottles of Dawn (the 10.1 ounce size) to help clean up the wildlife damaged in the Gulf oil spill.
Left an envelope of cash on the doorstep of a friend who really needs it.
Offered to buy my mom anything she wants. There'd probably be a lot left over in this venture.
Put a dent in the medical bills of someone who deserves a break.
Fly business class to wherever.
Have my stretch marks lasered off.

"Of course you're entitled to half of everything I earn," he said. "We'll have joint custody of these girls here." (meaning the dogs) "A divorce in California takes 6 months to a year." The sun was shining on our patio. The roses were blooming. It was July 29, 2007.


giftsofthejourney said...

I'm speechless! Honestly, I have to be because I don't what I'm thinking floating around the internet. I'll say this much, it isn't pretty.

I am really sorry this is still draining you in so many ways.

stephanie said...

Ugh. No.

Elizabeth said...

Oh good God, when the hell is this going to end? I'm so sorry, Denise. It's a nightmare. It has to end, as all nightmares do.

Allegra Smith said...

Denise, you need to either change attorneys or make a direct appeal to the Court. This is abuse of the worse possible kind. To reduce a woman to poverty is the most powerful weapon use to force a woman to stop any form of litigation in divorce cases. Request that your attorney's fees be paid by him and an increase in spousal support to cover the expenses generated by him in this case. Your attorney must be asleep to allow all this to happen, I am sorry. Contempt of Court should be the next step. As in right now.

Anonymous said...

You could've taken the TH4 to a Taos writing retreat this October. Fuck it--let's go anyway!