Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Is What I Have Written Today--So Far

Here is how the salient portion of the form I took to Mr. Ex yesterday looked. The spacing or lack thereof is an accurate representation.

I wish to accept sole responsibility for the above-mentioned account and all balances. If the approved the account will be in my name only.

Cardmember Signature:__________________________Date:______________
I am a liable party on the above account and agree that the account may become the sole responsibility of the above party. If approved, my name wil be removed from the account. (All current liable parties must sign.)

Joint Cardmember Signature:_____________________Date:______________

Joint Cardmember Signature:_____________________Date:______________

Here is the letter I wrote today.


June 17, 2010

Chase Cardmember Services
Post office Box 15298
Wilmington, Delaware 19850-5298

Dear Chase,

I am writing to you regarding the United Mileage Plus credit card account (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) that I “share” with my ex-husband Mr. Ex.  Mr. Ex left me in July of 2007 and is now remarried. Although I have not used the United Mileage Pus Visa credit card since I began receiving alimony in October of 2008, it has recently come to my attention that my name is still on the account. I wish to have my name removed from the account immediately.

I have acquired what seems to be the proper form for removing my name from the account, and my ex-husband and I have done our best to fill it out.  We found the form unintelligible and were not certain where to sign. After speaking to customer service agent Rebecca Rundle who received further advice from supervisor Ryan Willis, I am following their instructions and sending you the form with this letter of explanation. It would be a huge emotional hardship for me to meet with my husband again to sign a new form, and I ask that you accept the form in its current state while honoring the intent of this letter.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at either of these numbers:

Once again, in an attempt to clarify the very muddled form, my intent is to have my name removed from the above-mentioned credit card account immediately and for Mr. Ex to accept sole responsibility for it and its current balance.  I trust that you will send me a letter confirming the new status.

I am enclosing my final decree of divorce and a suggested revision to your form that other credit card customers may find useful. Feel free to employ my suggestions.

Thank you very much.




Part I:  To be completed by the person accepting sole responsibility for the account

Account #: _________________________________________________


Residential Street Address: (cannot be a post office box)_________________________________________


Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: (month, day, year)  _________________________                           

Social Security #: ___________________________________________                         

Mother’s Maiden Name: ___________________________________

Gross Annual Household Income: _________________________

Monthly Rent:  _________________________    Or Monthly Mortgage:  ________________________________ 

Employer:  ______________________________________________Business Phone:__________________________

I agree to accept sole responsibility for the above account and all balances. 

Signature: ____________________________________________________________Date:  ________________________ 

Part II: To be completed by the person being removed from the account

I agree that my name will be removed from the above account and that I no longer bear any responsibility for the account or its balances.

Signature: __________________________________________________________Date:_________________________

Name: (printed legibly) __________________________________________________________________________

Social Security #: _________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________

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Brilliant -- I've got some things that I need you to come over and help me out with.