Friday, February 4, 2011

Associated Writers' Palace (a.k.a. AWP)

The photo above is the view from exiting the elevator on the way to my room. Shouldn't we writers be housed in garrets or quaint cottages or cabins with a view of  some pond?

Poets heard: Stephen Dunn, Marie Howe, Gregory Orr, Bob Hicok, Kevin Young, Elana Bell, Curtis Bauer, Tyehimba Jess, Aracelis Girmay.

Conversations with poets: Lee Ann Roripaugh, Allison Adele Hedge Coke, Natalia Trevino, Jen Lambert, Matthew Shimoda, William Trowbridge, Art Homer.

Superstar Author: Joyce Carol Oates reading from her new book--a memoir about the sudden death of her husband.

Panels attended: 2--one on teaching creative writing, one on writing abroad.

Fabulous meals savored: 3

Hours worked at my MFA program's table: 4

Books at the Book Fair:  5 bajillion.

Number of bedbugs in our room: zero

Inspiration: unfathomable


stephanie said...

Best hugger: Stephanie Austin

Allegra Smith said...

Green, green, green with envy. I know you are enjoying this and you certainly earned it. I am happy for you, truly.

Tanya Ward Goodman said...

oh my stars! wish i were there! what a super duper treat!