Thursday, February 17, 2011

Divorce Nostalgia

I'm reading and printing out all of the emails I've exchanged with my attorneys from the beginning of time. I happened to run across an exchange between Mr. Ex and me in March of 2008 that I'd forwarded to them.

It could be that I'm finally losing my mind, but it made me laugh.

Mr. Ex,
After talking to you on the phone the other day, I asked my attorney about
the temporary support stalemate.  He says there is no issue regarding your
non-taxable income so maybe you could clarify for me.
I find it quite humiliating that in addition to the fact that you lied to
me for months, cheated on me and have been incredibly inconsiderate and
hurtful that now I still do not have any temporary alimony.
I'd love to meet you for coffee and talk about this.
Please let me know when and if you are willing to do that.

The calculation of temporay support shown to me by my attorney -- which I understood him to say came from your attorney -- included a very large amount of nontaxable income, which surprised me. Or I should say, I understood that the number to be nontaxable income. I will call my attorney tomorrow and get clarification. If there's a misunderstanding, then I see no reason why we won't be able to quickly get you your share because the formula is standard.

Mr. Ex,
I'm re reading all of your recent emails and this is fucking gibberish.
You sound like a fool.
Maybe try writing like you did when you won "best brief."
And yes the formula is standard so let's employ it.

Oh....he didn't meet me for coffee.


Elizabeth said...

I love the phrase "fucking gibberish" -- or is that a phrase? It's certainly a brilliant stringing together of words, especially as a modifier for all that bullshit of your ex.

You do know that I am wearing a cheerleader outfit with the letter of your first name on it, don't you?

Puanani said...

Heehee. Like this one. A lot.