Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coincidences, Mysteries, Prefigurements, and Foreshadowing

This is a photo of my daughter C.--taken approximately twenty years ago on a family trip to Catalina Island. I think the hat might have actually belonged to the captain of the boat. I don't remember exactly, but I imagine that with three cute little girls in tow, we somehow managed to catch his attention and ended up with a photo op.

Today, after almost six years of sailing historic tall ships, C. herself passed the test that makes her a captain. The  picture was tucked in a photo album hidden away for years on a shelf in our garage, and last week as C. prepared for her captain's test, an image of her in a captain's hat surfaced in my memory.

I'm fascinated by coincidences, and have written about them here and here. And this one is one of my favorites.

Sometimes when I look into the eyes of the man who loves me, I think that he looks familiar, that I know him from somewhere a long time ago. Which seems highly unlikely. Our worlds do not appear to have ever intersected.

Over the years I've had recurring dreams about a house on hill with a grassy slope and a view. In the distance there's the shimmer of water.

photo credit: C's father


Ms. Moon said...

Well, you know. There are all of these different parallel universes banging about. Maybe. I wonder about that sometimes. Sure would explain a lot.
You must be so proud of your daughter. I hope she's proud of herself. That's about the coolest thing ever.

Steph(anie) said...

Captain C :D

pam said...

I have been thinking of moving back home to my native country and found a beautiful remote spot to set my sights on on the edge of a loch. Buddhism is important to me and so next I googled Buddhist centres. There's only a handful of them in Scotland, but guess where one is?

A captain? Fabulous!