Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Wrap-up

I posted to this blog 170 times in 2011. By court order both the name of the blog and its URL changed last year. Further prohibitions were put in place, too, and I am now legally restrained from mentioning certain people here in Margaritaville. I can't say that I miss them very much. There was plenty else to blog about in 2011: a monthlong residency at the VCCA, a modest writng success or two, several big family events--weddings, a graduation, birthdays, a fine Thanksgiving, a pampered Christmas. There were less happy goings-on, too. My dog Layla suffered a gradual delcine and left her world of love and couches in May; staggeringly large attorney bills drove me to the brink. But my divorce reached its final resolution in 2011, too. In the year's final days the last two documents were signed, and the results of those signatures are soon to be implemented. There was great joy in 2011. There was seemingly insurmountable distraction and frustration. There was good cheap wine, a lobster marathon, everyday beauty, love, travel, friendship, Mother Nature bent on destruction, mothers tending to reconstruction. There were rogue appliances in 2011. There were just plain rogues. There were roads, roses, robes made of flannel, rocky beaches, rhododendrons, rodents, and a robust appreciation for the potential of another year.

Thank you for reading, for your comments, for signing on as a "follower," and thank you for writing your own blogs so that I can reap your wisdom. Thanks for the love, the friendship, the hospitality, the phone call, the email, the hugs, the kisses, the advice, and for carrying the heavy stuff that I can't lift. Thank you for you.


Elizabeth said...

Damn. I wish that there could have a cake in there. It's coming -- this month -- say the word, give me a date, let's make a date for coconut cake.

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

2012: the year of the cake. I'm going to have another party. Soonish. When all the divorce stuff is totally signed sealed & delivered!

Birdie said...

Well, good riddance I say! It has taken me many years to stop mentioning my ex. It has been 11 years and I only need to get a dig in once every three or four months. If you feel the need to get a dig in (or 2) e mail me!

°o o°
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Wrinkling Daily said...

Here's to 20012 and where it might take us all. No wonder time flies by when you look back on a year and see all that we have tended to. It is a wonder there was anytime to write or laugh or eat cake. I'm going to harvest a little wisdom from ll of your words and cut back, way back on my mentioning of he who shall not be mentioned. You are right, there are much better things to talk about.
Appreciated the honesty of this post.

Puanani said...


stephanie said...

Thank you for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Glad all the paperwork is almost complete. I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings for you and what you have to say. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing your life as you do.

pam said...

I got the postie job and will let you know how it goes once I have a start date. I can see that things are happening for you at the start of a New Year. It'll be a great one for us both. I have left televisionville as well as alcoholville, so surely the bus to overindulgenceville can only be a street away. Good Luck to you- a new day dawns xxx

Anonymous said...

And thank you my dear.