Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Watching....me

Maybe it's because this is the last year that I can say I'm in my fifties. Maybe it's because I spun my wheels most of last year in a giant pothole called divorce. Maybe it's because the day frequently gets away from me, and then I'm yawning and regretting that I neglected to do what I had intended. So now I am goal obsessed.

I've applied to grad school for a second MFA. Probably a losing proposition given the crazy competitiveness of the programs I've chosen, but I've done it.
I've ordered a fancy pedometer with which I can rack up points to save the world while exercising.
I've signed up with Joe's Goals to track whether or not I've exercised, meditated, practiced French, written, and submitted any writing, and abstained from alcohol. Mind you, I'm not exactly giving up all drink, but I am interested in tracking how many nights a week I do drink.
I'm saving all $5.00 bills that find their way into my wallet. Who knows how much that will be in the course of a year? If I can't personally save Obama, at least I can save some Lincolns.
I've signed up for a writing class while I await my grad school fate.
I've submitted a proposal to teach a writing workshop. And I'm thinking about submitting a second one.
I'm planning some travels.
I'm hoping not to become insufferable. I promise not to make my Joe's Goals page viewable on my blog.
How's your New Year so far? Have you heard of http://lifehacker.com/ or http://quantifiedself.com/? I stumbled onto these sites after reading an article in the New York Times.  Both sites have tools for tracking behaviors, managing money, and reaching goals as well as other cool stuff.


Elizabeth said...

This whole post is giving me agita. I have no goals.

Oh, one.

I want to make you a coconut cake. When? Where?

Ms. Moon said...

You go, girl. You do it for all of us. We'll bask in your glory and satisfaction.

Steph(anie) said...

I am torn. I know I *need* to monitor my spending and eating buy I don't *want* to. How mature is that?

Steph(anie) said...

But not buy. Ironic, that.