Monday, February 20, 2012

Meme Fever

I've been sick since Saturday night. I have a furry feeling in my chest. Like I could cough up a pomeranian. My ears sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when I swallow. My neck might be broken. I try to read but I think all my books are in a foreign language.
I did, however, manage to watch the entire first season of "Downton Abbey" while lying in bed with my iPad during the  three hours or so that I've been awake in the past two days.

And I tried to amuse myself by looking at memes. The writer meme says it all. But it made me feel worse.

This one made me laugh until I cried. I might have a fever.

And there's this one that my daughter C. made--which I love, of course. Even though I like to think I do a pretty good job of not worrying about her when she's at sea. And I'm glad she's staying with me right now because she brought me soup and orange juice and ginger ale and ginger candy.

I like the progression of these "what I do" memes. The final two panels were a bit of an eye-opener when I did the divorcée one.


Elizabeth said...

How extremely clever you are despite being ill.

I'm so sorry you're so sick -- get better soon.

Birdie said...

Secret - When you ears feel like that put in a a drop or two of diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide. Keep your head tilted for about 30 seconds then put your head to the other side to let it pour out. I have always had a lot of problems with my ears, especially when I am sick and this works!

The memes are great! :-)

stephanie said...

The surrealist one made me laugh because I know people like that.

I love this meme. I really do.