Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Pen and Poison. But Not a Poison Pen.

1) Overheard on the Gold Line between Mission and Chinatown. Night.

A guy: There's a million dollars in this cup. All you have to do is drink the poison to get to it. Do you know how much a million dollars is? C'mon all you have to do is drink the poison. It's a million dollars!!! Right here in this cup. Just drink the poison and it's yours! You can do it. Just drink the poison and the million dollars is yours.

2) Valentine's Day. San Pedro and 4th, downtown Los Angeles

Guy #1: (stepping out of a beat-up van) M'am, excuse me, do you have a pen I can borrow? Just for a second? I have to write a note.
Me: Let me see. (formerly striding down the sidewalk, but now stopped and rummaging in purse) Here's a pencil. Just keep it. (striding again)
Guy#1: Thank you very much!
Guy #2: (walking a few paces behind me, now catching up and holding out a pen to me) You can have my pen.
Me: That's okay. You might need it. 
Guy #2: I doubt that. You're the one who might need a pen. 
Me: Nope. Keep it. It's Valentine's Day. You might have to write someone a note.
Guy #2: (laughing) That's not gonna happen.
Me: You never know.
Guy #2: Did someone write you a note?
Me: Yes, as a matter of fact, someone did.
Guy #2: I thought so. You seem like a very nice lady.
Me: Thanks! (Guy #2 turns the corner, while I keep heading straight, but he walks backwards for a couple of steps as he blows me a kiss.)

Scenes from the City of Angels...and devils.


Elizabeth said...

Were you nervous?

gretchen hatz said...

well this just made me tear up. thank you! and guy #2 was are a very nice lady.

Sandra said...

You live, I think, in a very interesting place!

Al_One said...

I'm usually funny about loaning people my pen...but on Valentine's Day things are different.

stephanie said...

This made me smile all the way through.