Monday, February 6, 2012

Beginning Anew...Again

You know you're not doing so well with the personal goals when you get an email from the goal-tracking website reminding you to update your chart. I've gotten two or three of those since my most recent personal foray into self-motivation. And I hate the stupid fancy pedometer I bought because its battery only lasts a day and it fucking talks to me when I turn it on. And wants to entice me with games. I hate games. Except when it won't turn on at all which is where things stand right now. So I'm going to send it back and see if I can get a more basic one off of a cereal box or something.

As for the goals, I'm not doing horribly at all of them. And some of it is so trivial, really. I'm exercising very consistently, and making fresh vegetable juice for myself every day, and drinking less wine--which is not exactly going to rock the world. I feel fabulous though, I must say, and if Madonna weren't trotting around on national TV promoting the idea that this is what a 53-year-old woman looks like, I'd probably feel even more fabulous.

But I went to the Chinese New Year celebration at the Huntington Gardens yesterday, so hey, it's the new year all over again. Fresh start, right?

I think my problem is that I am too often in the land of "Should." My bed is made, the laundry is done, the bills are paid, the litter box is scooped, the dishwasher unloaded, the patio swept, even the paint cans in the garage are alphabetized, and wow, look how late it is--there's no time to really dig in and revise that story now.

But it's the Year of the Dragon. This year could be different, right?


Jules said...

Let's not forget what it take for Madonna to look like that and how she feels the day after!

Lilith said...

My only goal is to keep my head above water. Does that seem to basic? Or is an indication of how fucked up my life is? Again.

Elizabeth said...

I so wanted to go to that celebration at Huntington, but I never got around to it. I'm glad you're achieving your goals -- I hope relaxation is one of them, too.

stephanie said...

I have a permanent address in the land of "Should".