Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Closing a Credit Card Account after Divorce

Pretty much everything that happened with the joint credit card accounts at the end of my marriage is a lesson in what not to do. I've written so many posts about it, it would take me an hour to link to them all. The "labels" section at the bottom of the page will unveil to you to the long and gory history of how plastic figured into the the aftermath of my divorce. If you are plotting your own freedom from jointly held credit card debt, you might want to pour yourself a drink and settle in for some reading.

As for this post, it's the final installment on the subject. The check has been posted as a payment. I'm free. Not completely unscathed. But free.

photo credit: tactical-life.com


Elizabeth said...

Sigh. You know you're getting old, all illusions gone, when something like this is cause for celebration. I'm raising a glass to the burial of plastic.

Sandra said...

Hurrah for you! No matter how long and how scathed, you did it and are free. Congratulations.