Friday, June 28, 2013

Checking out...and leaving, too, by god!

What I did before I left for the weekend

Visit mom
Talk with nurse about her release 
I.e. need walker
Check on meds and other instructions

Buy groceries
Sushi for m
Orange juice and yogurt for mom
Ice cream for both
Cat food for piper

Get new prescriptions
Pain pills
New antibiotic

Water plants

Fill bird feedeers

Check the mail 
Shred mom's junk mail

Change her sheets and towels and clean her room and bathroom
Lay out clean p.js. 

Give m instructions re this and that
Write notes to m re this and that
Write notes to self re this and that

Take homemeade bean soup and spaghetti sauce out of freezer

Make bed
Make 2 out of 3 shuttle reservatioins
Check infor flight
Charge ipad and phone and camera

Notice that if feels good to have a break
Love the the fog as it rolls inland and know that I will be back
Freak out a little when I hear "Hotel  California"  in the shuttle to LAX.


Ms. Moon said...

Go. With speed.

Suz said...

oh goodie
breathe deeply
and have fun

ain't for city gals said... worries

Allison said...

Have a great time away.

Birdie said...

Don't forget to sleep, dear woman.