Monday, June 24, 2013

If I fall, I might not get up

The good things about today:

I woke up feeling great.
There was time for coffee before I took the man who loves me to the train station.
My mother's doctor had an opening for the follow-up appointment recommended by the ER doc.
I walked on the beach while I worked out the details of that appointment.
I found lots of beach glass while walking and talking.
The doctor's office had a wheelchair.
The blue heron came to the boat dock this evening.

The not-so-good things:

I took the man who loves me to the train station.
My mom is still feeling unwell.
One of her antibiotics made her nauseated and we had to drive to the Dr.'s office with a dishpan in her lap.
She left the doctor's office for a 2nd doctor's office in a wheelchair.
She still needed the wheelchair to get back to the car.
She has new antibiotics and an anti-nausea drug.
She's had a little dinner and some Gatorade.

So there you have it. The scorecard for today. It looks pretty even. But it doesn't feel that way.


Andrea said...

Ooooph! Way out of balance day. I'm so sorry. The dishpan image really got to me, but I must say it also gave me an idea for rides around with Alice, who sometimes get nauseated in the car. So thanks for that. A little more good squeezed out of your day, after all.

ain't for city gals said...

Hoping things improve for your is such a worry. One day at a time..

Ms. Moon said...

Your mama has cellulitis and nausea and my grandson has impetigo and nausea.
Dang bacteria. Dang viruses. Dang nausea.
It's so hard to be a human on this planet sometimes.

Elizabeth said...

I can only imagine how depleted you must feel, sometimes. I wish you and your mama some ease.

Marg W. said...

Wishing you energy, wishing you strength. You and your mother are in a dance of farewell, full of beauty and pain and exhaustion. Down the track you will only see the beauty, and be pleased that her hand was in yours.
Marg W.

Milky Tea said...

You are wonderful. May God give succour to you life, and of course relief to your mother. Is there anything we can do more for our moms? My mom is gone for more than 10 years now and how I wish I was more like you... may you find the strength and joy to persevere. God bless.

Pax Taufiqa.