Friday, June 14, 2013

Wonders and Abominations

Just in case you're wondering where to hire a band of pirates, I happen to know.

Now we need some knights for the beach jousting tournament.

Perhaps they can ride pelicans instead of horses.

The folks who left this behind at their last beach gathering aren't invited. The bottles and cans were left scattered across the sand--not tucked into this box.

Perhaps the same crowd left this memento. The photo doesn't quite capture the strategically placed shoe-print.

I always hope that monsters find a more civilized self buried inside. And that reminds me. Want a great beach read? Try this.

I read it ages ago and find myself in the mood for it again. Here's an excerpt from the jacket copy:
"...all the elements for a TV horror movie: unnatural sex, a demon lover, a King Kong aspect, a typical movie car chase ending in a fatal crash, a hint of the jasmine of Madame Butterfly, and even an ozone-like whiff of E.T. 

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Elizabeth said...

I just burst out laughing at that book description. I haven't heard of it, but it sounds like something I need to read.

You are sweet and oh, so funny.