Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Me 'n Kobe

Yesterday the man who loves me told me I was the Kobe Bryant of caregiving. I don't always play well with others, but look what I can do with the ball. 

I think I'd trade my record-breaking career achievements for a team. Tryouts are next week. If you expect me to pass you the ball, let's hear some talking out there. Let me know you're open. 


Suz said...

I read every word you say, though most times I don't comment.
I have a problem with foot in mouth
So I have learned to listen
But I think I shall at least let you know that I am here
cheering you on and praying for you

Elizabeth said...

Well, I wonder what I am -- perhaps less of a Kobe Bryant and more the team player, dodging and ducking, eventually getting my way.