Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Morning Beach Report and Other Extraordinary Things

The islands only a memory.
Gray one direction. Sun breaking through the other.
No stun of blue.
Only gulls. No curlews, or willets, or godwits.
Ordinary beauty. Ordinary day.
If you believe in ordinary.
I don't think I do.

Last night the man who loves me and I got taken out to a ukelele concert. I expected a rather ordinary evening--me somewhat lost in a sea of Hawaiian shirts. Instead  this happened, and it was extraordinary.

This afternoon was extraordinary too. "I don't think I've ever been half naked in my kitchen before," I said to the massage therapist as I got up off her portable table. The man who loves me, my mom (15-minute chair massage) and I all had massages today.

And the massage therapist told us about THIS--which I found to be extraordinary too.


Ms. Moon said...

The older I get, the more extraordinary the ordinary becomes. And the more I cherish it.
Good god yes.
I am glad y'all are getting out, that there is magic and enjoyment.
I need to spend some time at that link. I really do and thank you for it.
Please keep writing about all of it- the water, the sky, the birds, the mother, the man, you. All of it. You do it so tenderly and so well.

Elizabeth said...

Ditto Ms. Moon. And also that you calm after storming oh so well and bring us along with you.

Suz said...

just a line to let you know that I loved your story about the parrot