Thursday, March 6, 2014

Orange is the New Kayak

Daughter C has been visiting so I talked through my kayak dilemma with her. (You didn't know I had a kayak dilemma, did you?) "Should I get a 1-person or a 2-person kayak as our second kayak?" I asked. We discussed the pros and cons, one issue being how we would get a 2-person kayak home. At 12 feet, it most certainly would not fit in the Prius. I knew from my earlier purchase of a 1-person kayak from REI that they didn't deliver.

C and I decided to go the West Marine just a few miles from my house. If we could carry the kayak a block or so, we could put in in the water and paddle it home. After a brief jaunt around the store to prove to myself that I could carry my half--30.5 pounds--we walked out the the door with it. It's rather awkward walking down the street with a kayak.  And I did require a pause or two along the way, but we made it to the water.

It was so much fun that the next day we paddled it to lunch and had to share a boat dock with a sea lion. It was a long dock, so a turf war was avoided.

That was so much fun, that today we paddled to the supermarket to pick up a few groceries.

I'm thrilled to have been out under the blue sky so much the last couple of days. C. goes back to Minnesota tomorrow, and the man who loves me has finished his recuperation here and went back to his place today so he can get ready for chemo and radiation.

Now with the kayak dilemma solved, I will turn my attention to the usual Pillville matters--the first of which will be to follow up again on the hospital bed I'm trying to get for my mom.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, what fun -- that you can actually walk home with a kayak AND paddle for groceries!

N2 said...

So great to think of you out and paddling about. Good self-care move. Hugs from here. x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

Yep. This is goodness.
And soak up some sunshine for me. It is just dreary here.