Friday, March 21, 2014

My Feet

Yesterday, my feet stood on my kitchen floor in front of the coffee pot while I made coffee for my friend, Ellen, and me.

Then my feet (and her feet) went here, where she talked to me about reverse faults, and mountain ranges, and tectonic plates. I taught her the difference between snowy plovers and sanderlings, and how to tell a whimbrel from a curlew.

beautiful gull
Then our feet stretched out on yoga mats, supported our weight, more or less, until after an hour, we lay on our back, all of that stretching and strengthening and conscious breathing finished.

Then with one of my feet pressed to the gas pedal, I took us here--A Buddhist temple.

We went inside and took off our shoes, and our feet stood in front of this.

And this.

And then we stood in front of several pieces of art by THIS ARTIST.

I'm planning a trip to India in 2015. I feel it all the way down to my toes.


Ms. Moon said...

Whoa! Quite a journey in that one day. And you will be going to India?!
My deepest respect to you. I could never, ever fathom it. I am glad for you, though. And what a beautiful thing to dream of when times get tough.

37paddington said...

Your feet have wisdom.

Andrea said...

What a good day's journey, leading right to a dream for the future.