Monday, March 24, 2014

Please Universe, Send Me a Sign

Could be a music festival, I suppose.

At least I had the good sense to call my mom's doctor and the hospital bed place while I walked on the beach this morning.  While there is not yet a bed on the way, my blood pressure is probably just fine. 

Quote from the conversation with the medical equipment place: "You could just pay out-of -pocket to rent a bed from us."

Quote from the doctor's office staff, (delivered in a whine): "They keep asking us for more paperwork. It's not our fault they keep changing what they want."

I'm grateful that my mom has had more good days than bad days in the past week. 

But I have decided that a formal complaint to Medicare is in order. Probably that will involve my computer, and won't be able to be done from my "office" on the sand.

Today's treasures: A shark egg case (also known as a mermaid's purse) and some beach glass.


Ms. Moon said...

It's all a bit Kafka-esque isn't it?

Andrea said...

What is it about this world of paperwork and weirdness for our elders and how could they possibly navigate it themselves? I sat in one such medical care equipment place yesterday for over an hour, told by at least three of the ten people working there to wait for Alice's walker to return from the repair room when, in fact, ALL the while I sat there her walker was sitting,fully repaired, behind the front desk where customers are served and all ten of them had to walk around it in order to get to the customers, the coffee machine, the bathroom, etc. I wish you all the best on this one. May your blood's pressure continue to lie low and calm throughout all of this frustration.