Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Report from the Love Shack

Look closely. My head is in there somewhere.

Love changes everything.

And yes, I'm doing a sort of high wire dance--grieving the loss of Dan while falling in love. It's difficult and strange at times. My footing slips and I fall, but I don't hit the ground.

It turns out that going into my fourth year as a caregiver is not so bad. Caregiving is how I met this man I love. He's a caregiver for his father and due to some mutual friends on Facebook, he began reading my blog. Email addresses were exchanged, Skype was launched, and plane tickets have been purchased (he lives in Indiana.)

So I've been busy tapping out emails and looking through my laptop screen into a beautiful pair of eyes. But stay tuned. Soon there will be beach reports, more news from Pillville, and I'll get caught up with all of you. Thanks for the kind wishes

And I think a couple of you were wondering about the dance partner. We're still dancing. We're just not going to tango.

Oh by the way, my mom is doing just fine.


Ms. Moon said...

The test will be if you like how each smells. I bet you will.
Oh my god. This is so exciting!
Gold rings on ya!!!!!
(And I don't mean wedding rings- just good fortune.)

Unknown said...

Denise - This sounds good! I'll stay tuned. Hurry back to posting! xxo

Not Blank said...

Interesting, my money was on the dance partner!

37paddington said...

Life is an endless wonder! I'm happy for you!

jeannine nye said...

Just delighted that things are working out for you.. you have had a really tough time, but your heart is still open to opportunities, and now you have found a person to relax with, marvellous news..

Joanne said...

I don't know how I missed this but I am so happy for you. Best wishes to you.

Karen Pokraka said...

I was betting on the dance partner, too. So happy for you.