Sunday, July 19, 2015

Divorce Resources

This is kind of a blast from the past.

I have no idea how many readers this blog has maintained from its original incarnation when it was called.......oh, you know. Go ahead, say it in your head if you know it, but I will abide by the restraining order that mandated that I change the name of this blog and refrain from mentioning its former name as well as you-know-who and you-know-who. Not that I ever mentioned them by name anyway. In fact, I wrote under an alias, Ex-in-the-City.

While my own divorce seems like ancient history most of the time, I still take an interest in the subject of divorce. My own divorce was personally devastating, a scorched earth of the soul that blackened my mental and physical health not to mention my finances. I had loads of support and love from friends and family, but the advice was mostly of the stuff-raw-shimp-into-the-curtain-rods variety (you can google that if you are so inclined.) BTW, I did some pretty weird and distressing stuff, but not that. Divorce advice of the more step-by-step practical variety was in short supply. I wandered all around the Internet, never quite finding what I needed.

All of which is to say, here's a LINK.

And now back to our regular programming.


birds and the beach

Caring for my mom

And since a new caregiver greeted me at the door recently with,
"Are you Ethel?"
(my 91-year-old mom)
Here' a picture of me.
I think I've survived pretty nicely
I wish the same for anyone slogging through a divorce and hoping to make it through in one piece.

photo by my talented friend Nomi Wagner. Usually she takes pictures of babies, not babes. Ha.


Ms. Moon said...

As I have gotten older, I realize that as devastating as my divorce was, it could have been so much worse. I give my ex a lot of credit for that.
You sure are pretty. I mean it, too.

37paddington said...

You and your mom are both beauties. You look radiant.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry, but the person who thought you were 91 years old -- well, I just can't say. Not too bright.

You're gorgeous. I think probably more so even than when I first met you married to that other idiot.

Elsewhere said...


Steph(anie) said...

I'm not sure if I would trust that caregiver.

Not Blank said...

Having read your blog, I believe your divorce was worse than mine was. At first I thought that if you hadn't agreed to separate the divorce from the financial settlement you would have gotten a better deal, but now, I believe your ex was pure evil and things would have been worse for you if he couldn't have married the Ho he left you for right away. Feel free to delete this comment in case the ex and the Ho still read this.

jeannine nye said...

What a smashing picture that shows you glowing and happy with love and light and if that is not revenge taken quietly I don't know what is.... you survived an awful time and terrible actions, but you have come through , still human and with capacity to help others and find love again. It was tragic that you lost your darling last year, but you are a survivor, and boy are you that!! I love your writing and how you make the most mundane interesting, plus you love and care for your old mum, in my book that is wealth indeed. When life has thrown lemons at you, you have just made lemonade... that showed him**!"!! Hugs from across the pond to a very lovely looking caring lady.. j