Saturday, July 18, 2015

La Grande Fête

View from my friend Sasha's sunroof

You might not know that I was once a devoted francophile. Once upon a time I even had a blog about my love of France and things French.  Like other bits and pieces of my life, this particular diversion has fallen into disuse since I began caring for my mother. I have nowhere to speak French. No travels on the horizon, no French neighborhood to frequent where I might eavesdrop on a French conversation.

I was supposed to go to the French fair in Santa Barbara today, but just as a friend picked me up to head north, it began to pour here in the land of drought. We felt certain that the rain was just a momentary cloudburst, but the bad weather continued and when the freeway slowed to a stop, we exited and had lunch HERE.  I had the abalone (for some reason it does not seem to be on the menu a bit farther south) and don't regret missing the fair. My friend and I had a leisurely time and drove back just in time for the clouds to open up again.

View outside the restaurant in Carpenteria
I love this stretch of the California coast.  I need to remind myself that my search for a house near the water where I could take care of my mother is what brought me to this exquisite place. I frequently marvel about the twists and turns life has delivered to me since my divorce. How the end of my marriage seemed to be the worst thing and turned out to be the best thing. How agreeing to take care of my mom required me to move and brought me here. How one thing always leads to another thing and at the moment when all that  change is swirling around, we have no idea what the outcome will be. Those clouds might bring a downpour, but in the land of drought a downpour can mean salvation.

View of my patio. When it rains in So Cal, we take photos of it.


Elizabeth said...

Ha Ha Ha! I just posted my own rain photos. And this is a beautiful post. I have found these things to be true in my life as well, more or less. Sometimes the wait is a tad too long, though.

Ms. Moon said...

The rain can be the healing tears of heaven. The food from the sea that which has marinated in the saltiness of it.
We never know, do we?

Taxmom said...

Send some rain up here! We hiked in Los Osos today, and there were some clouds, but no rain. Still a chance we'll get some tonight. Glad you had a great day, and that stretch of coast is amazing.

37paddington said...

There are some friends with whom we can enjoy whatever obtains. Sounds like you were with such a friend today!

Joanne said...

You are beautiful. 91, my ass.