Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Comfort In/Dump Out

I revisited this piece today as I pondered what a friend is going through in a very tough caregiving situation.

How Not to Say the Wrong Thing

And while THIS PIECE is about grieving, try reading and substituting the word griever for caregiver. Caregivers, it seems to me, are grieving incrementally. Caregiving involves weeks/months/years of various traumas large and small, interrupted sleep, medication management, household and financial duties, sacrifices, and life or death decisions--all of which create a mountain of a million griefs.

For some reason I'm surrounded by people who say and do (even more important) the right things. You know who you are.
I present to you an ocean of gratitude.

Today's view from the sand


Ms. Moon said...

And if only pre-grieving took away some of the after-grieving.
Excellent links. Good advice.
Loving you, as always...M

Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes, I remember that first article about things not to say. And the second link was great, too -- very helpful to me.

P.S. I could never do what you do.

Elsewhere said...

Comfort In/Dump Out, yes.

But what to do when you're circles look like Venn Diagrams that overlap and shrink and expand and rotate and everything all at once...

Breathing. For all of us.

Elizabeth said...

I suddenly realized that you might not know that my p.s. was a joke. It's something people say that bugs the shit out of me.