Monday, October 5, 2015

Pillville: the Iowa version

We went to the anniversary party. 
It was fabulous. 
My mom visited with many many relatives and we reminisced about my sister's wedding. 

Today there's a perfunctory doctor's appointment. 

Waiting is no party. But my mom is doing just fine. Me? I'm good. But I feel like I'm sleep walking. But hey, I'm here in my hometown and you can get sauerkraut on your pizza here. 


Ms. Moon said...

Wow. I never considered sauerkraut on pizza but...why not? Is it good?
I'm so glad y'all made it and that the party was a success.

Joanne said...

You made it! Breathe.

Andrea said...

Oh, I know where you are. I know the color of the Iowa October sky. A little bit jealous here.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad that you're there. Perhaps being on automatic pilot is a good thing. Saurkraut on pizza sounds wretched.