Sunday, October 18, 2015

Report from the Universe

I'm thinking a lot bout the big picture these days. Love. Luck. Beginnings. Endings. The never-ending. Everything.

I went to see my mom in the nursing home Thursday evening. She hadn't been served her nightly glass of wine. Her toenails needed cutting. Stuff. Took care of it. She looked good. The food looked good. She ate well. The nursing home is the most attractive nursing home I've had any experience with. (There have been four.)

When I went back the next morning, she looked even better. She seemed more engaged and awake than she's been in ages. She said the words my friend while referring to another resident. Over the past few years the only times I've heard my mom use the word friend in reference to friends of hers is this: All of my friends are dead. A person can be 91 and make a new friend. How about that?

New things are constantly occurring.

I'm on a road trip. New things outside the car windows every second. Car windows are my window on the world right now. The first night on the road was at my brother's house. The next night, a town called Liberty. Yesterday a quick stop in a town called Kismet. Last night, a town called Liberal. I'm not making this up.

I wish you liberty, kismet, and liberal doses of love.


Ms. Moon said...

Change can be so hard but can turn out to be so good.
Kismet around every bend.

37paddington said...

The universe is whispering sweet somethings to you.

Karen Pokraka said...

You deserve so much. A road trip is such a good reward.

Elizabeth said...

Well, you are the BOMB. Happy road trips stops ahead.

Mel said...

So glad to hear that your mom is doing well and making friends. May your road trip be filled with fun and wonder.