Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Morning Beach Report: Chaos and how peace escaped.

Pelicans. They usually fly in formation, but it was chaos out there this morning.

And the pure white dove of peace escaped capture by my camera.
Maybe you've got her. Congrats. Enjoy. Send her back my way when you're bored, okay?


Ms. Moon said...

Yes m'am.

A said...

Suddenly there's a great flock of doves at my house. Four of them were sitting on the front porch yesterday, lined in a perfect row along a shadow, and when I leaned toward the window to take a picture they and about twenty more I hadn't seen, who must have been at the bottom of the steps, all scattered at once into the air and through the trees. They seemed to be fluttering in many directions simultaneously, giving a surreal impression of leaves falling up instead of down.

Elizabeth said...

I always seem to take photos of birds flying just out of frame, and I actually think they look really cool that way.