Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday Morning $%&*@ Report

Yes, I altered this photo.

Sometime it's great to tinker with reality. Sometimes it's not. When I read this morning's New York Times, I saw that of the top ten trending stories, all but one had to do with $%&*@. Almost the same was true of the most read stories and the stories selected just for me (a long time subscriber.) However, there were only or two stories about #$%&@ in the most emailed stories. Friends don't let friends drive drunk and they don't email one another about #$%&@. I'm not going to be blogging about him or linking to articles about him on FB. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

There's a lot to read. A lot of very important stuff. How about this heartbreaking blog post by my friend Elizabeth Aquino
Or THIS? There'a a very pretty picture there.
Or read about THIS BOOK, then maybe buy it.

Or instead of obsessing over $%^&* follow this hot advice:

1. Go buy a box of those Trader Joe's peaches right now. Seriously. Get up. Go. 

2. If you want to put texture on your walls, maybe don't use that powdered pour in the paint can texture. I have no idea what you should use instead.

3. If you are a MAC user and you're doing an online search on your state website for unclaimed property (well, California, for sure) use your CAPSLOCK key when you type in your name. Seriously. 

You're welcome.

I don't know what the quote of the day was in the New York Times today, because I often don't see it now that I read it online. But I'd vote for this from the article on Las Vegas real estate wherein the reporter interviewed this guy who is losing his shirt. “I just don’t know what this world’s going to be like in 90 days. I have never been more confused about my country.”


Ms. Moon said...

Don't we all tinker with reality all the time?

Taxmom said...

Hah, I was struck by the fact that #$%^& (spelling??) was all over my "most read" articles in the NYT yesterday as well. And by that quote from the homeowner in Las Vegas. Truly scary times.

mrs.missalaineus said...

i stuccoed my entire basement with spackling paste and a trowel, and then painted it with a paint gun. it looks much less concrete, but in hindsight, the pour in powder may havebeen easier...


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the shout-out, and when I'm not crying, I'm laughing.