Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Morning Beach/Crime Report

Long Billed Curlew in the foam

The bird watching has been wonderful these last few mornings. Curlews, willets, godwits, whimbrels, plovers, and pelicans. I'm not a photographer with a real camera, but I still can't resist.

Pelican taking off after riding the waves

I felt a bit like I like was sticking my long beak into someone's business this morning when I saw a cosmetics bag in the street just a few doors from home. There was a prescription bottle lying there with the mascara and lip gloss and such, so I knew it couldn't be trash. I wasn't sure whether to call the police or maybe just try to find the person whose name was on the prescription bottle. I Googled and bingo. (She's a professional with an office locally.) She thanked me and told me her car had been broken into this morning and that she'd be right over to pick it up. That seemed a bit naive, but I said sure, hoping I wasn't being naive about telling a complete stranger to come over to my house. 

Wisely, she had second thoughts and called the police officer who was already on the case. He came over and got the bag and asked me a few questions. According to his timeline, I picked up the bag just moments after it had been tossed. She's not the only person I know whose car has been broken into lately in broad daylight, so local readers, take note.

The officer wanted my contact info, so I gave him my card which has the cover of my book on the front. What's this? he asked. I explained. We had the so you're a writer conversation, but he was really interested in the book. The story. What? You're reunited with your son?! How's your relationship? What about his adoptive parents? Oh my god, that's amazing. 

Seems like he was either adopted himself or maybe had an adopted child or two. I wanted to ask, but didn't. I did enough minding of someone else's business today. But if you're adopted, or have adopted children, or an adopted sibling, or if you're a birthmother or know anyone who is, you might like to read MY BOOK.

And if you do, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's a story for everyone and anyone, really. But I love it when it hits someone close to home.

My largest heart rock to date--but too big to carry home.


Ms. Moon said...

A heart as big as yours. And I'm sure, one that seems almost as heavy sometimes.

Terri said...

I'm none of those. However, I was a 17 yr. old senior in high school and I got pregnant. I didn't take the route you did. I got married, had another child and after 4 years, got divorced.
But I easily could have taken your route. I think that's why I related to your story and have always resonated with adoption stories.
I read your book on SheWrites and thought it was excellent!
I just wish you'd given a follow up with your son. I take it you reunited, so I've been searching your blog trying to find those posts.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I loved your book. LN

Not Blank said...

I bought and read Birth Mother. I'd also like to read about how you reunited with your son. Did he also meet his birth father? You definitely have another book in you.

37paddington said...

Birth Mother is a beautiful book. I hope he reads it. And then, the heart rock. I love those two words together: Heart Rock.

S Kay Murphy said...

I must, must read your book. You're one of the kindest people I know (and we've never met). My son is now--almost, not quite--ready to meet his birth mother. We think we've found her. He's so afraid... and so eager. Thank you for your words!