Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Away and Back

I was in Albuquerque for a T'ai Chi Chih Retreat. T'ai Chi Chih is a moving meditation designed to activate, circulate, and balance the body's intrinsic energy (also known as chi.)

The plane made its final approach alongside a rainbow (which I did not get a photo of.) There were more rainbows that evening--doubles and complete arcs.

T'ai Chi Chih's movements are slow....
Turtles at the Rio Grande Nature Center

...and continuous.

The Rio Grande as seen from the River Loop Trail
One of T'ai Chi Chih's 19 movements is called Light at the Top of the Head, Light at the Temple.

Sunrise Over the Sandia Mountains

Light Through the Cotton Wood Treetops along the Rio Grande

T'ai Chi Chih shares its roots with the ancient Chinese martial art, Tai Chi Chuan, but it's not a martial art and it's a lot easier to learn.

Ancient Petroglyphs from Petroglyph National Monument, Boca Negra Canyon
The brochure handed out by the visitor center says that "These images help us learn from those who continue to interact and reaffirm their spiritual connection with this place. Be still. You may feel another presence beyond what you can see or hear."

Albuquerque is full of clear light. I love it there. And I'm always thrilled to come back home to this light.

Tuesday Night's Sunset, Looking Out to the Channel Islands.


Ms. Moon said...

My mother and father lived in Albuquerque for awhile and whenever she talked about it, my mother made it sound so other-worldly. And, I is.

Elizabeth said...

Welcome home! I really need a Denise visit and will call you soon. I love your photos and wish that I could take a class with you as my teacher.