Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Tall Ship Report

The tall ship San Salvador, the re-creation of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo's 16th century vessel, is here in Channel Islands harbor. She is beautiful. I hope to watch her sail away for her next adventure on Monday morning. 

My earliest memories are of the Mississippi River. We had a pontoon boat.

My introduction to the tall ship world came several years ago through my daughter, C. While you could not pay me to climb the rigging, nothing beneath my work boots but rope, I'm thrilled to have been introduced to this esoteric world of thrills and beauty.


Ms. Moon said...

My dear sister-friend Lynn loved the tall ships. Thank you for reminding me of that grand piece of who she was.

A said...

Since my clotheslines have stretched and droop too low, and since I iron the sheets anyway, I've been hanging them semi-furled in imitation of those sails, and I love seeing them out the window.

solo roving said...

think i'd prefer to scrub the decks that go up there too - they are such a work of art and are amazing to see in full flight.