Thursday, September 1, 2016

What I Did on My Summer Vacation


Ruins--Did you know that flour dust is more explosive than gun powder? 
One of the reasons Minneapolis is know as the Mill City

Nature, co-exsiting with the city

The beautiful Hennepin Avenue Bridge

Many bridges--they say that if the river is calm at night the reflection of this bridge in the water looks like a giant cat's eye.

Fine food--there's a lot of it in Minneapolis.
Three one-eyed creatures at a tiki bar
And the food here at Psycho Suzi's was great!

Besides eating and drinking, I reconnected with friends, went to wonderful bookstores, saw a lot of art and some great theatre.

Of course I went out on the river and a lake.
View from the Mississippi Queen
Feeling like the queen of Lake Jane
(Photo taken by a friend who had her phone in a zip-lock bag for safekeeping)

 And for some reason, I did not cry on the plane ride home.


Suz said...

that sign seems like a good title for a novel

Ms. Moon said...


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the little travelogue! It looks fun -- and I'm dying to come visit and catch up properly.