Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Teak Project, Part 2

The table in the process of being sanded.

The finished project in the weird glow of the patio heater, six days after beginning. Wine for the crew.

And by day.  The remaining chairs have not been set out yet, but family vacation week is approaching! I'm also staining a "teak look" coffee table that needs a little more time.

After the rainy winter, time on the patio seems more beautiful than ever.

Looking toward the ocean

Pink water

The moon at sunset


Ms. Moon said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I used to refinish furniture and it was such a rewarding task. Not easy but when you're done you have something to really be proud of.
Which you do!

37paddington said...

despite what the sea air does to furniture, it's lovely to live on the water. beautiful views.