Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Teak Project

The first furniture I bought for my townhouse post-divorce was a barbecue and a teak patio set. I lived in the San Gabriel Valley then and with a little teak oil now and then, things went well.

The marine environment destroys everything here in Margaritaville. Hardware, doorbells, pruning shears left out for a mere couple of days. The previous owners here at my new place left a high end stainless steel barbecue on my patio that looked like this.

After 5 years year, and only a couple of previous treatments, the furniture looked like it needed to be sanded as well as oiled due to my neglect and a winter that gave us a lot of rain, so I called a professional teak restoration company. Hahahahaha. After a couple days of negotiations, I got the price down to 800 and something dollars. Hahahahaha.

With the help of a friend, a brand new orbital sander, and about 40 bucks worth of sandpaper, this is how things are going:

We disassembled the chairs so we could do a really good job. Left to right: the weather beaten, the sanded clean, and the re-oiled 

A stack of freshly oiled pieces in the morning light.

The dramatic before and after.

All but one chair is reassembled. Despite my careful note taking, it turns out that not every chair was assembled with the exact same hardware...there will be a trip to the hardware store today, and some improvising.  Stay tuned for pictures of the table.


A said...

Martha Stewart! Looks great.

Karen Pokraka said...

Really beautiful work! I admire your organization and tenacity!

Drita Harris said...

Great job On the chairs> You gave me good laugh with the reference picture of the old BBQ!

Terra Hangen said...

Teak is a beautiful wood and how pretty it looks restored. We once owned a small sailboat with some teak on it, the teak accents were gorgeous.

Allison said...

I admire your willingness to do this. The newly restored chair looks really good.

N2 said...

Totally worth it, right? The before and after tell it all. Must be gratifying. After all, $800?! x0 . N2