Monday, June 12, 2017

Where the Muse Can Find Me

Since May 7th, I have written every single day (except one) for a minimum of two hours. The first night was in a weird motel room in Needles, CA where I used the same table and chair to later barricade my door. It's been easier since then.

It turns out that what my favorite mentors told me years ago is true (at least for me right now.) If you park your ass in a chair and get ready to write, the muse will know where to find you.


Ms. Moon said...

Thank you. I needed to hear this.

37paddington said...

Thank you for this reminder. Ass parked.

JoniB said...

So, that teaser - barricading your hotel room door - I really want to hear about that! I hope you can insert that into one of your books.

S Kay Murphy said...

What JoniB said--I want to hear that story, too. I was going to ask what the hell you were doing in Needles (next time make your stop at my house in Calimesa; I have a guest room and a den where you can write and it's safe and quiet and of course, no charge), but then I looked at your posts in May and it looks like you visited the Grand Canyon. Beautiful. And like everyone else, thanks for the reminder. I've been writing... almost every day, but not in a disciplined way, so I need to be more committed to my craft instead of allowing loneliness to direct my path.

Still hoping for that barricaded room story. But damn, I've been in Needles, so I already kind of get it.

P.S. You have wonderful friends. Or readers. Or reader-friends.