Sunday, June 4, 2017

The March for Truth, Los Angeles

 It doesn't get better that this. Behind the plaza where we were waiting to begin the march was a giant excavator digging up shovel after shovel of dirt. No, this was not the movie called March for Truth; this was the March for Truth.

Some of my favorite signs

Afterwards I went to see the play Archduke, a fictionalized exploration of the backstory in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. While I did not find the play emotionally involving, I did find the questions it posed food for thought. Are terrorists/assassins all just crazy psychos? Are they fervently devoted to their mission or manipulated by a mentor? What part does prejudice, politics, and hopelessness play in their radicalization? In a totalitarian regime these are not idle discussion points over dinner.

My favorite chant in every march I've attended has been this call and response:
Tell me what democracy looks like.
This is what democracy looks like.

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Elizabeth said...

I am deeply admiring of your continued marching. I've been doing the daily calls, the steady "resistance" that I can, but damn it's tiring and depressing.