Monday, October 7, 2013

Devices, Dessert, and Other Good Things

There are three main indicators that my mom is feeling well: 1) She heads for the coffee pot immediately upon waking. 2) She has a martini at 5:30. 3) She spends a lot of time at the kitchen island reading the newspapers on the iPad. Her iPad (well, mine actually) is behind the Kleenex box in this photo of the goings on after dinner last night. If you look past the ice cream and the cake, you'll see her not-quite-finished martini, but she did indeed drain it sometime after dessert.

It was a pretty fine weekend here in Margaritaville. We didn't just stare at our respective screens all weekend.

There was beach walking.

And coffee-talking at  a quaint place with crocheted table legs.

On Friday I installed some of the crochet-work of my mom's that we brought back from the East Coast.

my bathroom window
the bedspread
All in all, it was a more than fine weekend with the many good and sweet and amazing things over -shadowing the alimony mediation that swallowed a portion of Saturday. My mom is recovering. M was here all weekend. And the man who loves me managed some extra hours in Margaritaville too.


Ms. Moon said...

That needlework is absolutely incredible. It is ART. I'm glad you had a good weekend with the exception of the mediation thing. Bah on that.
Okay- crocheted leg warmers for chairs? What? What?

Ms. Moon said...

Oh wait- table legs, not chair legs. Well. That makes all the difference.

Andrea said...

Such impressive crochet work - a whole bedspread! It is so beautiful. And yes, all the beauty and love around you, a good antidote to that awful meeting.

Elizabeth said...

Did your mother really make that bedspread?