Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm having dinner tonight with my friend, Suzanne. Then we'll go to see a play that our friend, Larry, co-wrote and is performing in. These are the moments that keep me going. Little by little the giant hole in my life is being stitched up.  My previous dinner out was with a new friend I made in Athens.  We were strangers until we ended up on the same tour bus to Delphi. When we had our dinner later that night a little girl came to our table selling flowers.  She was irresistible. He bought two red roses and gave them to me. "Remember, serendipity could be just a bus ride away," he wrote in an email a couple of days ago.
It was serendipity that brought Suzanne and me together.  We had a mutual friend who kept telling each of us how much we'd like one another and that he'd have to get us together.  Before he managed that we both got cast in the same play and have been friends ever since.

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