Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Trip: mine not his

I'm not in Greece anymore. But I was there for 22 days.  Why the  big trip?  I figured since my husband was getting the 34-year-old bride, the big wedding and the honeymoon, I should treat myself to my own adventure.  Why Greece? It was all in the timing.  I wanted to go alone, but with a hiking group, so I selected a trip from the group's catalogue in sync with the date of my husband's wedding and honeymoon. As he was promising his new love the same things he'd once promised me, I wanted to be on a separate continent, in a different time zone, and in a new state of mind.  I didn't care where I went, but there were two hikes that covered the needed time I signed up for both of them.  Hence Greece. The destination appealed to me.  I felt like a traveler lost at sea so I would pack my new copy of The Odyssey and get out of town.

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