Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friends, Enemies, Fortune Cookies & Hope

My explosive phone conference with Mr. Ex, while still a rather vivid memory, was more than a week ago. I gave up hope of ever settling things and asked my attorney what it would cost to take the case to trial. The answer: Way too much.
But there's been a new development since then. It turns out that Mr. Ex's attorney does not have a particularly high opinion of him and finds him rather obnoxious. He would really like to wrap this up and be done with him.
So maybe there's a chance after all that Mr. Ex, at the urging of his lawyer, will finally sign off on an agreement to divide our joint assets.
Meanwhile, a couple of Chinese fortune cookie fortunes that I'd saved ages ago tumbled out of a bowl in my kitchen today. I'm pretty sure they came from the evening in October of 2007 that my son, his wife, my daughter C. & I began to pack my belongings in preparation for my move. We got a huge order from the Panda Inn and began unloading the shelves in our family room while my son kept the blender humming with Margaritas.
Fortune #1 sums up my post-Mr. Ex life very nicely.
Fortune #2........ I'm not sure how people manage that.

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Allegra Smith said...

I am from some old school because I am the one who chooses my enemies and I have none. The dregs are nothing more than that and they do not make the rank of enemies much as they would want to.

I decided a long time that Oscar Wilde was right, but with a twist: I say "forget your enemies, nothing could annoy them more" As for loving them, I would rather take a pill made of barbed wire than consider the thought.