Friday, March 19, 2010

The Check at the End of the Rainbow

So...... for months my attorney has been trying to wring a sizable chunk of money out of Mr. Ex. The court ordered Mr. Ex to fork over said hunk of green back in October of '08. That's right. Bush was  president. The polar ice caps were bigger then. John Edwards was still a respectable guy, and I still had some faith that the end was in sight. The absence of the funds went unnoticed for a bit--quite a while to be exact because whenever a bill from my attorney arrived in the mail, I promptly paid it. Then as my ability to fork over large sums of money waned, I went back through my box of invoices. Voila!
The quest to get Mr. Ex to pay up began--oh, I don't know--some time at the end of '09, and then around the last week of January or the beginning of February, I actually succeeded in speaking to Mr. Ex on the phone. He told me he was nearly certain he'd paid it, but he was requesting bank statements from his bank (the last living human under age 60 who doesn't  do online banking?) BUT if he hadn't paid it, he would put a check in the mail, pronto!
So.....a couple of days ago, my attorney let Mr. Ex's attorney know that contempt of court proceedings would be initiated. Supposedly, the check is in the mail.
Bets, anyone?

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