Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a life

I have a life--a writing life, and it goes like this:
Alarm. 5:45 a.m.
Feed cats, walk dogs, clean up after dogs, give out pet meds, feed dogs. Then I take my yogurt and coffee to my desk and write. Another alarm goes off at 8:15. On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I go exercise. After exercise I write some more. Except Wednesdays when I have a volunteer job at 1:00. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I just write. Right now I am working on my novel with the goal of finishing it by July. This is the 2nd draft. It's better than the first draft. My dogs sit by me while I work.  

 Layla in the bed. Lola under the desk.

Noonish I eat--usually at my desk. Then I shift gears. I read or send stuff out or look for places to send stuff out and read about the business of writing.
Another alarm. 4:30. I walk the dogs. More meds. I have a snack. Mondays through Thursdays I exercise. (There's a very fat person waiting to burst out of me & and I fight her) Then I come home and shower--or not. By now it's 8:15. I might have a certain lovely man spending the which case I'm likely to ignore the morning alarm and stay in bed a while longer.
It's a nice life.

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stephanie said...

My desk looks a lot like yours. I wish I had that good of a routine. Most days I do something to that effect, but I get off track way too easily. I've taken to unplugging the internet, at least in the mornings. My dog is usually under my desk or right next to it. She's my little friend.