Monday, July 26, 2010

Credit Card Company Caper Continues

"We don't recognize divorce," the woman on the telephone said. I was a tad bit taken aback. I have a Final Decree of Divorce. It's signed by a judge and has an insignia from the court.
"Does that mean my ex-husband shouldn't have remarried?" I ask.
"As far as we're concerned, the agreement you entered into with the credit card company when you opened this account supersedes marital status."
The above conversation ensued after I learned I could not take my name off of one of the joint credit card accounts I still hold with Mr. Ex.  I can't take my name off of it, because due to certain "credit rating issues" Mr. Ex isn't eligible to have the account in his name only.
He needs to be hooked up with me and  my alimony which I get from him in order to qualify for a credit card?

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jwg said...

I'd acuse you of making this up but nobody is that clever. What ever happened to the old "will not be responsible for the debts of..."notices that used to appear in the newspapers?

julesarose said...

How crazy is this?

Layla, the Moonwalking Dog said...

This totally isn't legal. I'd swear my 120-year-old life on it!!

stephanie said...

Yet another reason credit card companies suck.