Monday, September 27, 2010

Hotter than Hades/Hot Dog

Los Angeles had the hottest day on record today. It was 113 degrees, and this evening when the temperature was still edging 100, my dog Layla did not want to go for a walk. Good dog. Smart dog. Except that she didn't eat much today either.  Her food dish is inside, and it's a comfy 78 degrees here in my living room. She spent the day sleeping on the rug in front of the couch.  Layla is essentially an indoor dog and she spends almost all of her time in my living room.  And she lives to eat.  So  I've spent today  wondering...
My cat Snowflake died on September 11th. My dog Lola on September 22nd. Um--hello grim reaper of the pet world....can you hear me? I would like to keep Layla, if at all possible, for a while longer. Pretty please? Three pets in three weeks would be excessive, don't you think?


stephanie said...

Hold on Layla!

Anti-Prada Pants Polly said...

Dear Mr. Grim Furry Reaper,

This is a Cease and Desist order. It is very important that you move along from this household for the next while. If I may: I discovered a lifeless, beautiful female cardinal on my Grandma's doorstep this afternoon--the victim of a high speed fowl/glass collision. As these are my utmost favorite birds, I would like to humbly offer up this little creature-soul as an appeasement to your September quotas. Leave Cali doggies be. I need to know that my beloved friend has Layla to keep her company. I also, selfishly, want to hang out with that sweet, cold nose at least once more. Layla's nose, not my friend's. There is nothing cold about my friend. And everything else warm about Layla, too.
Thank you for your consideration. To where may I send the poor dead red-wing?

Yours sincerely,
A Concerned Citizen for the Protection of Loveable Furries. And Beautiful Friends.