Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Mr. Ex

What a lucky man you are. You have a wonderful daughter who is graduating from college. For her sake, I am happy you will see her stretch out her hand and receive her diploma and that she will share some of this weekend's events with you.
But let it not go without mention that you did not tell her that our marriage was about to end when she chose a college thousands of miles from home. Let it not go without mention that four years ago she and I made the journey to this new phase of her life without you. That your parting words to her at the airport were, "I hope I see you again sometime." Let it not go without mention that the entire college experience began beneath a cloud of grief that you seeded. And that the torrent that followed was of your making.
You are lucky, Mr. Ex.
Very lucky.
You are blessed.


Elizabeth said...

I beg to differ -- not blessed. Lucky, yes, but certainly not blessed.

Allegra Smith said...

Oh no! that man is far from blessed, anyone who brings the kind of black Karma he brought unto himself has cursed himself and continues to do so.
He may be lucky or he may be a lackey. I am more inclined toward the latter than the former. Just think: to be known as the one who provides shoes.
Enough said.

Puanani said...

Is that your daughter's tattoo? Very cool.