Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trees, Zombies, and Trancendence

It's a start. I spent something like three hours this morning cleaning up after the winds. I'll probably fill another four or five bags with leaves. The grevellia tree is the Halloween costumer of the tree world. When the wind blows it laces its dead brown fern-like leaves into all the other plants, making it seems as if they're half-dead. I released the camellias and the potted plants, the blueberry, and the hibiscus from their zombie shrouds this morning and swept up ankle-deep piles of grevalia leaves as well as leaves from trees that don't grow anywhere near my patio. My next door neighbor has a whole tree on his patio.

This evening after my shift at the DWC I went to a program at the Central Library, "Dark Carols: A Christmas Cycle." It was the world premiere of a series of songs/sung poems accompanied by piano.

Here is my favorite:
This tree would rather be outside,
asleep, and growing thirstily.
Of all the trees, why me?
Why is it I must die here, cozily? 
Dying slowly, drily, and exhibited so piteously,
hung with lights, 
I blaze with anger, pain, and electricity.
How I long to incandesce by accident into transcendence,
rocketing up to the cold starred heavens, with my 
murderers in attendance.

(lyrics byPhilip Littell)

I found this piece particularly dark and funny, as did most of the audience, it seemed, judging by their laughter.

For years my favorite Christmas attraction as been Altadena's Christmas Tree Lane. No dead trees there. Although I do believe at least one was lost in the windstorm.

I'm spending Christmas in St. Paul this year. I won't have a tree--live, dead, or artificial at my house. The streets of St. Paul will be full of un-murdered trees and transcendence.


Ms. Moon said...

The older I get, the less I give a shit about Christmas trees. Of any sort. And the more I love my oak trees.

Elizabeth said...

I love Christmas trees -- I almost "rented" a live one that you give back, but it was too expensive. I can't imagine Christmas without a tree all lit up with our favorite ornaments from years and years.