Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Sad Day for Trees

Satan's wind roared through out neighborhood last night. The power went out at midnight. This morning we woke to a trickle of water pressure because the power outage took out power at a pumping station.

It was a bad day for cars, too. But C., who loves her old car, took the news like a champ. And then went to work sawing the tree branch to free her car.

She has the shoes for the job. I suppose I might have delivered emergency water by horseback--if I had a horse.

The park was a strange and sad sight; all the vibrant huge trees on the ground while this one stood tall.

But there was joy, too.

If palm fronds were viable building materials, Los Angeles could become the land of palaces.


Elizabeth said...

Wild. Just wild. I'm glad you're all right.

Steph(anie) said...


kimmie said...

I heard it was a cold Santa Ana too.
I hate to see downed trees - but glad you're ok and your friend with her car too

Mel said...

The downed trees are so sad. Glad you are intact and I hope Mother Nature is done kicking ass for a little while.