Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mother Nature and Rejection

There's severe weather honing in on the San Gabriel Valley again. As I was checking my email only to find that I did not make it into a writers' residency I'd been hoping for, my entire house shook and rolled. That was too loud to be thunder--or simply the shock of rejection--I thought as I saw the flash. I waited for smoke or a fireball thinking that maybe a plane had crashed, and then the rumbling began again. Two more crashes came in rapid succession. Two more flashes. It rained enough to get the pavement wet on my patio, then stopped. It's deathly still now--like Mother Nature is holding her breath. Not one leaf is moving. The birds are mute. But there's a low growl from time to time as if some beast is crouching for an attack. Batteries? Check. Phone charged? Check. Water? Check. Ipad charged? Check. Computers unplugged? Check. Disaster plan? You mean like a plan for my future? Um. Well, no. I don't have one of those.


Elizabeth said...

Hang tight. There's no planning involved in living.

Jules said...

Planning is overrated. It's just a way of avoiding now.
And now is all ya got! But you already know mix a margarita and put your feet up!

Ms. Moon said...

Hey- sounds like you're ready for anything. And as we all know, it's not ever what we're expecting that comes down the pike to get us.
Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Really sorry to hear about the residency. A fan.